Just as the store owner, renowned fashion photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina,  Älska embodies the same alluring spirit.


During a past interview Nicoline has stated her adoration for culture and heritage, she strays from uniformity and searches for details which are outlandish, eclectic, and tells a bit about the places she has discovered during her years of living and working abroad.


As much as she adores the ever-vibrant heritage Indonesia offers, her yearning for texture, patterns, and history has brought her to places and stumble upon artisanal items which are now present at her humble home-like store.


The store welcomes you to a range of wooden homeware products, from the finest selection of Japanese ceramic bowls, Indian cushion covers, and Sumba wicker baskets.


The store also features an extensive range of succulents, cacti, and airplanes as well as the collectible choices of vintage and tribal trinkets made of beads and stone from different corners of the world.


Älska is taken from a swedish word meaning To Love and our quick visit to the store has showed us that when products are made by the hands of loving artisans, there is only much fondness one can have over the rarity of treasured items.


Cipete Raya 7D
Jakarta Selatan
Indonesia +62 21 75904783

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography courtesy of Älska Store 

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