Indonesians love to have their food mixed with variety of condiments. It’s not enough to only eat rice with meat or vegetables, if we can, we would prefer to have a flavorful meal complete with choices of spices, sauces, crackers, and not forgetting fried shallots or dried Tempeh. When it comes to Indonesian food, it’s about having it fuse and pop with oozing flavors in your mouth.


Here is where Koko Bogana comes to the picture. Located in the corner of a compound at Cikajang Street, Koko Bogana offers choices of Indonesian cuisine that are found in Central Java. The rice meal is wrapped in a banana leaf and includes rice and various side-dishes to choose from. You can go for the banana-leaf wrapping meals of Nasi Kanoman, Nasi Pagongan, Nasi Rembang, Nasi Toek Toek, or just opt for the filling delicacies of traditional snacks.


Normally packed with workers during lunch hours on weekdays, the rather breezy restaurant is equipped with vintage Javanese doors, classical ornaments and paintings, and an artisanal dining-ware that sets the tone of being an authentic Javanese restaurant. 

Koko Bogana
Jl. Cipaku 1 no. 2,
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan 12170
021 – 7203754

– Athina Ibrahim




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