Tulisan’s pouches have long become one of our signature style. It quickly gains popularity for its compactness and versatility as well as a favorite object of experimental for our team. We keep exploring ways to ensure they remain in parts of our lives. How have you explored your Tulisan’s pouch? – Rassi Narika

1. Clutch


Melissa folded her Large Pouch in half and carried it to a cocktail party. I seriously thought she was bringing a new product prototype for a tryout.

2. Literature Kit


I personally love bringing books wherever I go. I always make sure that it is not just book that I can read, but also a journal to capture my doodling thoughts and ideas. I use the Medium or Small Pouch to put my currently reading books and the Large Pouch to bring my sketch book – for my occasional daydreaming session.


3. Shoe Storage


Myra use her Large Pouch to bring her running shoes in her gym bag. It is also a fun ways to keep your shoe collection like what Melissa did – one for each and try to color code them, too.

4. Currency Pouch

This comes in handy when you travel beyond many borders. Shalimma and Myra  shared to us how they do it. Put one currency in each Petite Pouch to help you handle the foreign bills as you shop.

5. Headset Compartment

BAT1202NJ_TIP23Carrying your headset in your bags can be concerning, at times. You don’t want the wire to tangle or to break the muffs. So, we put our headset in the pouch, separating and keeping them from the possible fiasco that might have happened to it.

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