The Original Editions and Our Stories Inspired by Indonesia’s famous folk story of Roro Mendut, a Javanese princess who fought to defend her rights, I am rewriting a new angle of this tale with my original illustrated edition “Love Letter of Roro Mendut”. It is an interpretation of every woman’s journey to find freedom and herself.

In parallel to this, Myra Bianda, our artist in residence who also takes the role as art director of our creative team, debuts her first illustrated Original Edition “Bawang Putih and the Night Sky”. As one of my devoted artist and designer, Myra has self-taught all artistic skills and has revealed to all of us her ultra-talented sides.

All pieces are hand made by artisans in small batches using internationally certified components. Each textile work is manually printed on non-bleached (chlorine-free) cotton canvas with eco-friendly water-based inks and protective PU coatings. I hope you will enjoy this limited run artist-illustrated edition.

Triple kisses, Melissa

See our e-Catalog for the limited run of Mendut & Bawang Putih Original Editions in Organizers and Home Collection.

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