The month of Ramadan is known to be the month of self-restrain, the month to take things at ease and cut down on most grueling activities. Which also means cutting down on the amount you spend on food.

To help you get through your day without constantly paying attention to the ticking of the clock. Here are five things which you can do before you break your fast. (Click on the name for the link of the place)

1. Museum Hopping: Jakarta is home to various different museums which some people may overlook considering the number of Malls growing every now and then. Have time to check these ones.

– Museum Fatahillah 
– Museum Wayang
– Museum Layang 
– Kantor Pos Kota Tua

2. Cultural Institution: Almost every month, the following art institutions provides a range of movies and art performances which can get you through your day. Most even have their own public libraries which you can quietly enjoy the selection of books or movies.

– IFI 
– Goethe Institute
– Eramus Huis
– Instituto Italiano

– Salihara
– Taman Ismail Marzuki 

3.  Arts & Crafts Classes/Events: If you are bored of scrolling through your browser. You can instead opt for the following choices of classes to keep your mind occupied while learning something new.

– Traditional Dance Classes
– Instameet
– Ceramic Classes

4. Fun Sports Activities: If you have more energy than the other, there are a few of the following fun activities which keeps you moving without being too exhausted. 

– Ice Skating 
– Bowling 
– Bike Ride
– Ping Pong 

5. Beauty Treatment: If you want to relax instead, try pampering the self and make yourself glow with these following beauty treatments.

– Massage
– Manicure and Pedicure
– Accupressure Treatment
– Hair Treatment

 – Tulisan Chronicles Team

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