Born in the month of September 23 to October 22, Libra’s are the most considerate bunch of the horoscope. Their symbolic sign, the scale, often make them spend long hours weighing the pros and cons of anything presented to them. When it comes to gift giving, they enjoy the finer things in life — as long as you are the one that make the decision for them.


They adore balance in life and would push for the daily beauties and comforts of life. Which is why, instead of giving them the benefit of choosing, as the great gift-giver try opting for a beautiful combination of our Tulisan hampers. Presented in all sorts of sizes,  our special gift set includes the selection of Marigold Premier that come in an assortment of colorways of Yellow Sunflower, Orange Fuschia, or Orange Oriental in various shapes of totes and bags.



– Athina Ibrahim

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