Last week Melissa was invited by 97.9 FeMale Radio to share her tale on air. Being the “Funtastic Female” of the week is a such wonderful way to start your morning, don’t you think?  Like a good cup of coffee, only much better. The Tulisan’s family was swiftly swooned with contagious excitements that last through out the day.

I accompanied Melissa to their studio (it was a five minute drive from our Tirtayasa workshop!). Gery Puraatmadja and Marcella Lumowa welcomed Melissa like an old friends. In no time, I forgot that it was a radio interview and thought that they were purely hanging out. Gery admitted that he is a big fan of Tulisan and dreadfully wished that Melissa launch a Men’s line really soon.

Gery was so well versed, knowledgeable, and I feel like he had stalked us before the interview. He knew everything about Tulisan and Melissa! Marcella was very excited listening to Melissa’s story. They planned to ambush our store right after the session.

A serendipitous surprise closed our interview session as Melissa and I was greeted by Hanny Soemadipradja, Head of Masima group, who wore the exact same dress code as Melissa: Tulisan’s skirt – Mel’s from the Delightfully Yours collection and Hanny’s from the Hotel Batavia collection – with a white peasant blouse along with their favorite Tulisan style. They look so good together that people started to gather around and have an impromptu inquiries about Tulisan. The story sharing affair continued off-air.

Melissa and I went home to our Darmawangsa nest fully charged with new energy and use it to fuel our work with dreams to uphold and more stories to be told.

– Rassi Narika


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