My trip to Japan was a dream came true. The night before my husband and I tied the knot, we made a dream destination board and Japan was on top of our list. I knew that we would make it happen and then there I was, eating udon in a Japanese standing restaurant.

Every spot that we walked to was a delight. Town-hopping to Naeba, Kyoto and the capital city of Tokyo was an enriching treat. The three areas have their own distinct charm, but my heart fell deeply in love with the modesty of Kyoto.

Formerly known as the imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is a fuse of historical sites and modern lifestyle. You would find a businessman crossing the main street wearing yukata, or an old lady riding a bicycle wearing a big summer hat.The simplicity and strong character of the city was very attractive.

This enchanting city made me wanted to dress modestly in my neutral-colored dress and straw hat. I enjoyed cycling around the town and stopping by everytime I found a house with colorful flowers at the front porch.

Kyoto has left me inspired and I’m all set to create new things. I am fully charged.

– xx, Myra Bianda

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