Big cities are home to the dynamic, the ever-glistening city lights of hopes, longings, and often the lonely. As we pulsate our lives towards the recognition of our dreams, cities with its sky-high ideals have grown expansively in size but have also pushed people to reconcile with their own mind and stray a little from the everyday connection.


Hong Kong stands somewhere in between.

Even though Hong Kong director, Wong Kar Wai have time and again romanticized the dormant city life. Enveloped in the swirling pace and mood, he brilliant encapsulates what Hong Kong is about: strong locality embracing the force of global influences and changes at a very rapid pace.


During our express business trip, my team member, Krishni and I were able to spend a few days exploring the city. As we spend our very short days on foot, we quickly took notice that Hong Kong is everything any publications or movies have told us about the city – it is highly dense. Temples, skyscrapers, gardens, shopping malls, stand against each other calling for attention. The immense billboards of local scriptures were quickly covered by names of international brands at every corner.


The people itself had a very nonchalant character about them. They are direct individuals who converse with a purpose. Maybe symbolizing a little of what the city is like. Although closely set to each other, the infrastructure of the city is well planned. Efficiency of transportation links everyone through land, sea, or air. Visually, you will notice a thorough graphic identity at the subways or city signs orienting each individual or even tourist like we were at ease.



As we spent our days hopping from one station to the next, we saw a glimpse of order intertwining with chaos. A stage of character paired with the uniformity of standardisation. The high energy, the missed connections, all carried together with the expansive romanticized ideals.

While we may had little time to truly try the local food, we hope this quick introduction will bring us back to this vibrant city.


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– Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Athina Ibrahim

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