Remembering Kartini

Happy Kartini’s Day!

She adored mythology, took interest in a vegetarian lifestyle, and detested polygamy. Raden Adjeng Kartini, an Indonesian hero born in Jepara, was one of the pioneers of education and equal rights for women in her time. On 21 April 1879, Kartini was born to an aristocratic family in the Dutch East Indies. This faith had given her the rare opportunity to experience an elite education system at the Dutch primary school in Java. Her dreams of continuing to higher education were not possible, due to the rights and status of Javanese women at that time. Nevertheless, those challenges did not stop her passion to open an intimate community school, to master several languages, to be proficient in financial management, to have a wood-block cutting atelier, and to write an anthology of letters which inspired many on rights equality.

Many inspirations of our product designs came from women who live during the Dutch Colonial period in Indonesia. Times were tough for the proletariat and gender discrimination was high. It took a determined mind to break social pressure. These women became the first female athletes, scholars, pilots, sailors, and spies. 

These women who have lived fearlessly for their dreams became inspirations in the founding of TULISAN. Every product is designed for independent women with an enormous passion for life and big dreams. Thus, we also hope that TULISAN artwork could accompany you in following your dreams relentlessly.


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