Today is Earth Day. Many of us are facing the biggest concerns of our lives: first of all,  our wellbeing in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and secondly, the future of our children on our planet. We are forced to be apart, yet we are more connected in so many ways. Together in our minds, we are stronger and we believe that we can endure this difficult time. During this global self-isolation period, we have contemplated on current ways of living and how we can make a better tomorrow. Our intention, our health, and our planet are intimately connected. We cannot continue running with greed, instead, we wish to plant the new seeds of empathy so that our planet will be a happier garden.

On Earth Day, we want to thank all of our collectors for supporting us on this journey. Ethical consumption cultivates responsible makers. Many of you have sent encouraging letters of appreciation. Your love over our products has supported a fair ecosystem of creative artisans and determined dreamers. Your supports have nurtured us in creating things with our hands, in small batches. The slow artisanal process allows us to cherish all the natural imperfections of hand-made labour. It also makes us appreciate one another on a deeper level. We hope to protect this bond of trust between us all.

In our hearts, Earth Day is not only today, but it is our everyday will-power. If our action is responsible, the planet will be healed, and our children will have a safer world. As we embrace the new normal, we will continue to improve many things. We have been very vigilant in selecting our resources. The resources we have selected also have to commit to fair and ethical practices. We ensure clean work processes, wastewater management, healthy air ventilation, and safety procedures for the workers as well as a safe final product for the consumer. With all these meticulous steps, TULISAN products stand for celebrating individuality, empowering others, and caring for our planet. 

Together, we are stronger.


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