“Behind every successful woman, is a substantial amount of coffee” – Stephanie Piro

Piro said it well and Liberica definitely understands it well. The quote was written on a black painted wall of Liberica, a new coffee shop located in Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta.  Deriving its name from an original coffee found in Liberia, West Africa, Liberica is our new favorite coffee shop. For us, the name also represents the liberation that coffee provides as you struggle to stay focus and productive after long hours of  staying focus and productive.

Long before they opened, Liberica’s propaganda-like posters had filled walls, concrete poles, of Jakarta and made thousands of us wonder what it was all about. The campaign raised curiosity, but in the end it was the coffee that matters. And they proved not to fail us. Their freshly brewed coffee beans put together the best cappuccino in town. The foam lasted and remained delish even after half way through your cup. Their Ice Fudge Mocha is also a treat, serving the perfect sweet and bitter that would not leave your stomach feeling over the top.

A good coffee shop is like a good moleskin to sketch. In Liberica, with a smell of fresh coffee coming from the doorless shop and the warehouse-like interior that welcomes, they seal the deal. The coffee-related quotes on the wall speak the truth and concludes one thing for me: that revolution starts as a state of mind, but a little help from a glass of coffee would keep you sane – continuously. – Rassi Narika




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