lb_fw1617_home_02_02_1200x800My bedroom is my sanctuary. A place to rest, a place get away from all of the busyness of life, refresh, and rejuvenate.

It feels relaxing and I can do many things better and ease away any stress.


I like to have my breakfast in my bed when the light or the sunlight is shining from my window.


I sleep, I read, and I do my work in my bed. I have some books and a letter that I have not yet read, they are hanging on the wall in my sanctuary.


I brought a few things with me to give my room a taste of ‘home’. There are my tools to do my hobbies at the back door.

I’ve been busy getting my hands dirty with these tools and having super much fun in the process.

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Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Text by Zharfani Padmasedhana
Photography by Bima Chris

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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