Tea is a simple drink but can be a social tool to be formed the process of progress or a maturity.
-Eunice Nuh Tantero-

Warisan is a heritage bureau that promotes remarkable Indonesian beverage, especially tea. The tea leaves used was taken from one of the reliable tea plantations in Indonesia, East Java.


Warisan has several kinds of tea, such as White Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, and Black Tea.


In addition, to provide some kind of tea, Warisan also introduces Warisan Kelana and Wood Box package. Warisan Kelana Mind Journey A6 agenda including all variant of Warisan tea sample inside a classic hard box. In a Wood Box present travelling tea set including 4 variants of Warisan tea.

Warisan Tea is available in all of Tulisan Jakarta boutiques.

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Instagram – @warisan_heritage
Facebook Fan Page – Warisan Bureau

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Facebook: Tulisan
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Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Photography by Bima Chris

Text by Zharfani Padmasedhana

Tulisan Chronicles Team



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