In the dance film Vers Mathilde we are brought into the life of movement following the routine of modern dance choreographer Mathilde Monnier. With minimal dialogue, each dance movement is deconstructed to show the intensity of repetition and dedication one goes through in interpreting one of the most meticulous art forms.



This is a glimpse of what we saw during the Namarina Youth Dance Evaluation. As the groups prepared for the upcoming Hotel Batavia performance – a special collaboration between Tulisan and Namarina Dance Academy – Melissa, Michál, and I witnessed the three dance groups who performed in front us showcasing their ability to increase their agility and quality of movement based on the practice which undertones the complexity of speed, transfer of weight, and strength.


Dance such as ballet requires the ability to push the body to its limits, as each group was evaluated by the number of judges in the dance studio, we understood the seriousness these dancers has to master to complement their body to sound,  body contour to expression, and the ability to master emotions over technique.


Established in the year 2006, Namarina Youth Dance under the precedent 1956’s Namarina Dance Academy takes on its roots of classical ballet while fusing the traditional culture to showcase the young talents in Indonesia and place their dance ability to the map of the world.

The audition was divided into two segments first being the ballet group audition, where  the groups of dancers has to amplify various dance techniques as Plies, Tendu & Glisses, Grand Battement, to Pirouette in Attitude before showcasing to us their ability to preform dance variations.


The second part was the jazz dance. A range of dance Jazz routines with the intention to warm up the major muscles group of upper and lower part of the body as well as evaluate the dance technique, dance performance, and musicality of each dancers.


Each dance group’ movement was evaluated by the Artistic Directors and observed by the number of choreographers, musician and NYD’s Board of Advisors to ensure their dedicated efforts are translated into the technique and tempo of music they are able to portray.


As once stated by the late ballet dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev “Technique is what you fall back to when you run out of inspiration,” and the Namarina Youth Dance (NYD) group has proven that mastering the versatility in technique can push for a soul-enriching performance.

We look forward for the upcoming Hotel Batavia performance coming up this November 28 and 29, 2014. 




Tickets can be purchased at:

Namarina Pusat (@_Namarina)
Jl. Halimun No. 43, Jakarta 12980
+62-21- 829 4777, 829 4778

Namarina Kebayoran
Jl. Gandaria Tengah III No.9
+61-21-739 8557

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
Jl. Gedung Kesenian No.1
Jakarta Pusat 10710
+62-21 380 8283, 344 1892

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Michál Gorzynski & Athina Ibrahim

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