#TerimakasihVeteran | Tuesday, October 7 2014

In the event of supporting the nationalistic and patriotism in oneself, the event #terimakasihveteran (thank you, veteran) will be held to trace back history. In the year 1940, the number of veteran has fought colonialism to preserve Indonesia’s Independence. But what do they get out of it now? This event is established as a form of gratitude for the veterans who are almost forgotten by the government.


Kelompok Penerbang Rocket
Melanie Subono
Anda Perdana
Uda Sjam

Fundrasing project for veterans.

Level II
The Foundry


BAND PERFORMANCE: Jirapah | Saturday, October 11 2014

In welcoming the Salihara Festival, a number of young and energetic bands will be preforming in complementing for the larger and main performances during the event. Each will bring their own style and centre to give for a memorable performance.

Taman Serambi
Jl.Salihara No.16.,
Pasar Minggu

For more information: salihara.org/event


Be Your Self | Saturday, October 2014

Be Your Self (2010) is a choreography that takes the human’s body and the meaning of being a human back to the stage. This performance fuses different narratives: Buddhism philosophy, feminism discourse, and medical text. The movements of the dancers are designed to be highly athletic, sophisticated, and dangerous.

Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) is a contemporary dance company based in Adelaide. This company was established by Dr. Elizabeth Cameron Dalman in 1965. Garry Stewart has been working as ADT’s artistic director since 1999. This company has been consistently presenting provocative contemporary issues with progressive dance movements.

ADT has successfully won 28 awards; to name a couple are the Green Room Awards (2014) and Australian Dance Award (2013).

Teater Serambi
Jl.Salihara No.16.,
Pasar Minggu

For more information: salihara.org/event

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