Every year-end, Holiday Hampers have become a sacred ritual amongst Tulisan’s friends, as a token of appreciation towards those we love. The Home collection, such as cushion covers and table setting accessories, are designed with minimalist forms for an intimate gathering with families and friends. Dining together is a way of showing affection between people. The 6 packages of Holiday Hampers 2018, presenting various Home product category, reflect a warm collaboration between Tulisan and KDM–a non-profit foundation which rescues and nurtures abandoned children.


Home meals that are neatly prepared will feel precious. Furthermore, Tulisan Home accessories are all made with fine sewing methods with a high level of difficulties and can only be constructed with trained hand dexterity. Tulisan and KDM have managed to partner up in creating hundreds of Tulisan Home products, which have provided a sustainable welfare fund for KDM in an average of 10 million rupiah on a monthly basis. These products have created a fair working ecosystem for several seamstresses at KDM who are involved in this project. As an example, Teh Euis, who currently holds the prominent role as one of the seamstresses, is very grateful for the experience and for the fair earnings which have helped her in raising her 2 children.


Teh Euis


By all means, this joy has been earned through your participation in the Art of Giving. You can mix and match the different colored artwork in every Hamper styles to fit your individual taste because we believe that everyone deserves to celebrate his unique character and every family deserves to celebrate a colorful gathering.


Have a great year end celebration!


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Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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