As a brand, Tulisan always tries to find the middle ground in bridging tactile work of art and its counter digital format. As much as possible, we always find a way to incorporate the love for traditional production methods in every step of Tulisan’s artwork. Thus, paper with its weight, texture, and printing methods are often a point of discussion at the office.


In the following exhibition held at Dia.lo.gue artspace titled “The Weight of Weightlessness: Rhymes and Rhythms of Paper,” three Bandung-based artist, Prilla Tania, Irfan Hendrian, and Ivana Stojakovic, expose us to experience the symbolic love they have for paper.


In their body of work, the three artists experiment with the heaviness and lightness of paper, often pushing their techniques to the extreme, they cut, shred, re-assemble, print or paint over their canvas paper before forming them into new forms visible seen in the art space.


Deconstruction of ideas and methods become the main theme of their work, showing us visitors the various compositions paper can bring to life. Whether it is structured heavily with weight or kept light through its texture, we understand paper has transformative characteristics leaving us astound by its capability to influence an overall sensory experience.

paper04 paper05 paper06

Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace
Jl. Kemang Selatan 99 a
Jakarta 12730, Indonesia
T. +62 21 719 9671
F. +62 21 719 9677

– Athina Ibrahim

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