WP_ROSEMINT-8Sundays are such a wonderful day to just sit back, relax with the family and FEAST!

Because we would rather be spending time with everyone, than standing in the kitchen, we have come up with some recipes for Sunday that are blissfully simple, but so delicious.

This Sunday, with the Chinese New Year coming up, we thought we could try something a little festive: Rose Mint Water. It is spectacularly stunning, and impressive but ridiculously simple to prepare.

WP_ROSEMINT-9You will need:

– about 1/2 cup Rose Petals (Make sure they are well washed and patted dry with a paper towel AND that you use Rose Petals with no pesticides.)

– 1 teaspoon of Rose Water

– a few sprigs of Mint leaves

– 4 cups Distilled water

-(optional) Ice

-(optional) 10-15 super thin slices of cucumber



Instructions: Add ingredients into a pitcher except Rose Petals. Give it a little swirl. Top Pitcher with most of the petals but save a few for a pretty little garnish for each glass.




Enjoy your Sunday Lunch!

xx Gabbie

Photography by Urip. 


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