Roses Ink Sketch

Twelve roses bloom, a lingering perfume
One falls, the rest blossom tall
Twelve months of dedication
One month of patience, the rest of exhilaration
Twelve hours of love
Seconds to feel, the rest to give

Tulisan Roses X Print board

This original pen-and-ink sketch of ‘Roses’ was first inked in 2009. There are twelve roses in the drawing. The number twelve plays a significant role in the message. It symbolizes a complete cycle of twelve, such as 12 months in a year, 12 hours, 12 zodiac signs, and many more. There is the number ‘1’ which represents completion, perfection, and independence. Then it is paired with number ‘2’, which signifies the other perspective of any given situation. Together as ‘12’, it means harmony.

Tulisan Roses X Filter

ROSES X { DASA COLLECTION 2020 - 2021 }, comes in 2 colour-ways: Teal Mint and Green Winter. Every piece is hand-screened serigraphy with eco-friendly pigments. It takes about 2-3 days to complete every layer of colour. It is natural to have colour variations and misalignments on the prints. These printing imperfections are due to our manual labour. Thus it is what makes our artisanal products unique. The new highlights of this collection include ‘Ninepin Bag’, ‘Aperitif Bag’, ‘Mungil Bag’, ‘Chemist Bag’, and ‘Hobo Tote’.

Tulisan Roses X

This year, we have made some notable upgrades from sustainability aspects. Together with a local laboratory, we have managed to develop a new formula of the protective coatings which covers the overall serigraphy surface and have obtained eco-certification for this formula. This development has reduced the carbon footprint of our production. Thus, our serigraphy atelier is also becoming cleaner. Your love over our products have supported a fair ecosystem of creative artisans and determined dreamers.

Tulisan Roses X Final Print

We will be launching ROSES X { DASA COLLECTION 2020 - 2021 }
Friday, 24 April 2020, starting from 10:00 am

We hope to delight you with this April Edition of ROSES X.


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