As the purveyor of “all things cool”, The Goods Dept has stood against the plethora of international retail by focusing on local and ready-to-wear labels.


While the recent hype for international brands may not recede any time soon, it is a great reassurance to have local visionaries see the potential of what our local talents are capable of.


Since the year 2011, The Goods Dept has made its permanent mark in showcasing the array of local brands – the product of young and upcoming designers with a vernacular approach and international relevancy.


These fresh talents – of brands as Nikicio, Cotton Ink, Amble footwear – were first given platform through the establishment of a small-scale and conceptual bi-annual market named Brightspot Market, before the owner, Leonard Theosabrata with partners of husband and wife-duo Cynthia Wirjono and Chris Kerrigan, as well as Anton Wirjono and Eldalia Wirjono decided to push for a higher retail standard.


With their latest expansion, The Goods Dept has decided to include an array of international brands that were carefully selected on the basis of valuing process and craftsmanship of their brand.


One international brand we saw was Nudie Jeans, extracting the importance of process into their jeans, “At every stage, from the harvesting of the cotton, through to the indigo dyeing and the weaving, down to the sewing, men and women have used their hands to create your jeans.”  Alongside brands as Katsunori Ueda, Yatch21, or even Baggu Bag.


Growing together since its initiation, Tulisan today still stands to support their local vision by being part of their newly opened store in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ciputra Mall.


As the newly opened store received a pop and bright revamp in comparison to its predecessor stores at Pacific Place and Pondok Indah Mall, Tulisan’s availability makes a perfect blend through its infused pop colors of the latest Fall/Winter 2013-14 Luca and Marigold Knit collection.


Presenting also the re-issue of Originals 2013 of Admiral Kasarung, Roro Mendut, Bawang Putih, together with our previous collections of the Marigold and Celosia patterns.


In hoping these local aspirations receives greater recognition locally and internationally. A desirable visit to The Goods Dept is necessary to preview and applaud the quality of the curated local picks.


While you are at it, grab yourself a little gift from our Tulisan corner, or enjoy Jakarta’s finest rainbow cake by Ibu Alma at their thoughtfully designed Goods Café.

The Goods Dept
Lotte Shopping Avenue
Level 1 Unit 1F #18-19
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Karet, Kuningan
Jakarta 12940 Indonesia

– Athina Ibrahim


Photos by Melissa Sunjaya

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